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Significant Challenges in 2014 Horizon Report

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Challenges scaled by: relatively solvable, difficult, wicked.

(Horizon wiki)


Low digital fluency of faculty

    • relatively solvable 
    • "5 Keys" ; on incentives and training
    • Crossing the chasm 
    • new message: design (doesn't have to involve tech, necessarily)
    • LMS system change allows more usage, experimentation (ex: to Canvas, or Moodle upgrade)
    • giving seminar, workshop on online learning, builds demand 
    • adding "innovative teaching methods" in meaningful way to t/p/r process 
      • revise faculty handbook
      • possible union negotiations 
    • Instructional technologists learning from faculty
      • specific applications in response 
      • collaborative learning
      • pilot 
      • Also: demonstrates knowledge of the curriculum
      • Still 1:1, not top-down 
      • Always be in faculty spaces 


  • Relative lack of rewards for teaching
    • relatively solvable: European Union REF 
    • role of adjuncts, non-tenure-track instructors (report
    • "innovation as a problem to be punished"
    • new student evaluation systems
      • make sure students know if instructor is trying something new; new form just for this


Competition from new models of education

    • difficult 
    • Competition or collaboration?
      • competition: goad to development, top-down
        • ex: blended learning
      • academia might influence competition
      • learn how to educate for less money 
    • MOOCs and privates
    • competency-based assessment 


Scaling teaching innovations

    • relatively solvable
    • UK JISC Curriculum Design and Delivery Program review (participatory + collaborative)
    • European Commission's Opening Up Education; Open Education Europa;  Erasmus+
    • observational challenges: hard to find time to observe what's going on
      • solution: service model requires time for evaluation
      • example: student evaluation team 
      • teachers who teach teachers 


Expanding access

    • difficult: global; US throughput problems
    • one answer: deliver education through phones 
    • another answer: "a la carter" core courses in one school, distance at vetted others 
      • consortium-based college
    • change credit model
      • pay for skill or outcome
    • Affordable Care Act model
      • tiers: outcomes/skills; high specialization
      • flatter world (communication, organizations)
    • gap between academia and business
      • some emphasis on education for work
      • new audiences need specific skills - STEM, for example 


Keeping education relevant

    • wicked problem
    • European two-track model -
    • "plumbers with a heart"
    • BLS report
    • Will technological developments elicit innovation in practice and teaching?
    • Race between humans and automation?
    • Reeducation, retraining - major role for education 
    • Optimism: teaching people how to learn will always be desired
    • Dichotomy between economic strata in academia 


2014 Horizon Report Symposium

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