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Individual scenario discussion

Page history last edited by Bryan Alexander 6 years, 3 months ago

Discussion of individual scenarios.


Scenario 1: AI

AI gets real

LibAnswers parallel

Siri model appeals

Replace reference librarians

Guide discovery process ("other people's discovery patterns are shaping")



Scenario 2: Elsevier goes down

Doesn't hit everyone at once - might not be last subscribers.

Will something replace Elsevier?


Scenario 3: the states strike back

Based in the present: states cut public + academic libraries.

Emphasize library's academic support role, as opposed to medieval model (preservation of humanity in our knowledge bases) (we support academic learning).  Also library of use vs library of preservation.


Scenario 4: don't file anyone under 30

Intergenerational conflict breaks out into bifurcation of library use.

Crucial to pay attention to multiple modes.

Would library serve multiple purposes?




Learning: normal reading, listservs, professional meetings (i.e., COLD); Chancellors Office; study how others adapt.  Sometimes just obvious in the news.  Social media.  Legislative advocacy office.  Draw on historical practice.  Talking to people.  Observing users.  Twitter.


Evaluation process: take it to COLD; examine multiple possibilities; check CSU central office; turn to trusted sources; connect w/strategic planning process; find friends.  


Evaluation: pilot; look to CSU for support; conversations w/faculty; what happens to back files?  what are other campuses doing?  Sometimes just recognize the change is real; deal w/it; move into mainstream to engage.  Perform collection analysis by generation. Work through liaisons.  Be sure to add future advocacy to current ones.


Action: legal analysis of contract; reach out to LOCKSS; consider role of Opt-in; look for ripple effects; reach out to professional organizations (i.e., SPARC); work w/COLD to inform them.  Look for alternatives to satisfy needs.  Go through stages of grief (!).  Look to collaborative projects to demonstrate libraries' values.  Consider more truly strategic planning.  Examine long- and short-term changes.  Decide about changing services.  Try to lower barriers between services, content.  Help people tell stories.


Share thoughts: Twitter; professional listservs; work w/COLD to inform them; consider how to communicate beyond CSU.


Meta: we are a communicating group.


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