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Collaboration technologies for EREN 2014

Page history last edited by Bryan Alexander 6 years, 3 months ago

This wiki page holds notes, links, and comments for the June 2014 EREN meeting.


1. What ERENites are currently using for teaching and research 


Video production


Social media: wiki editing


Google Scholar and Alerts

WordPress: University of Mary Washington's 

Confessions page



Dropbox; easy sharing; forking

Google Fusion Tables



2. Technologies

Video: creation; conferencing

  • examples: field trips, student presentations + mock interviews, lab techniques (very small!), training summer research students; Macalester Write Well
  • research: recording subjects (ants)
  • students creating video (conservation) 

Collaborative writing: wikis, Google Docs.  Blogs.  Social resource sharing. Pinterest

     examples: MicrobeWiki, Encyclopedia of Life

Data sharing:  Figshare.  Drupal Ecological Information Management System (DEIMS).


Issues: technology standards; local support. 

Examples: Sunoikisis, the ACS Vietnam class

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