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Talking digital storytelling in education

Page history last edited by Bryan Alexander 6 years, 1 month ago

First thoughts



-stories within stories (x2)

-documentary story (x2)++

-one route

-case studies (x4)

-introduction to topic

-the story of a topic or event or process

-organization's story

-a proposed project


-blogging the story of their experience

-"research once, present twice" (two different multimedia forms: video, ppt, blog, etc)



-memory (Marla)



-faculty knowledge

  • Not necessarily for tech
  • Use Web resources
  • Also peers 
  • IT help 
  • In vs out of class 


  • importance of concepts over tools
  • video examples: Animoto, iMovie, FinalCut, depending on needs and time 

-tool limitations


-image search: Flickr Creative Commons

-eportfolios: Livetext

-maps: Rumsey



More links:


Liz Bennet Diaries

59 Days in New York

Ayiti (Haitian family game)





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